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The top 5 things that should be on your Recruiting Checklist

By Keith Prestano
2019-09-08 13:26:27
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1. Seeing your Guidance Counselor

It is really crucial for athletes in all grades to set up a meeting with your guidance counselor in the beginning of the school year. This is where you can see if you are on track with your core classes to be eligible for NCAA DI colleges. This meeting can also provide great impact on how you are as a student. Colleges want to see student-athletes with great Grade Point Averages (GPA). This will provide colleges and coaches information on what type of student you are and they will feel confident in your abilities in staying eligible throughout the college season when you attend.

This can also be a wake up call for many athletes as well. If your GPA is suffering, colleges will not be watching you, especially at the high level schools. Many colleges have academic requirements and certain SAT/ACT scores you need to surpass to be eligible depending on the college.

2. Goals Athletically and Personal

You want to be successful?
Student-athletes need a vision and goals to stay on the path of becoming successful. It is easy to lose track of the process, while not having a goal to strive for to get the results you want as a player or person. I recommend all my athletes I work with to have goals in place that will provide the outcome you want before the season starts.

It is time for you to pay the price, you will notice the ones that want it and the ones that go through the motions. Work your ass off. Period.

3. Creating a Hit List of Schools you want to attend

It is important to have a hit list of the college coaches you want to contact about attending their program. This hit list is all the schools you are interested in and want to go to academically and to play. I encourage my players to research about 2-4 schools per week.

Communication is important! If you think, you do not need to contact coaches becuase they will be flocking to you… You are wrong. Success happens by attacking and being on the offense. Contact coaches, create a relationship, and show them who you are and what you want!

Depending on what grade level you are, you should be doing the following:
Filling out Recruitment Questionnaire
Sending Interest email
Phone Call
Follow up Email
Official / Unofficial / Game Day Visit Scheduled

4. Player resume on social media and profile

Social media for athletes can be a powerful tool, if you use it the appropriate way. This is a platform where you can promote yourself personally and your abilities in your sport. Coaches look at these platforms for clarity on who they are recruiting and to see if you are the right type of person that will fit in with the team’s culture. Go ahead and post pictures and videos of of you succeeding on and off the playing field.

Player Profiles are huge to keep up to date, so you can send them to college coaches. Coaches love to see you progress from freshman year to the following year. Always keep your profile updated. If you are looking to promote yourself, here is a link for you to create your own player profile:

Email us at for the pass code.

5. NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

This form below will give you all the ins and outs for the 2019 -2020 College Bound Student-Athlete. You should take a few nights before bed to read this to get a better idea of what you are facing for the recruiting process.

Next week's blog: We will go in depth of the recruiting process for each class for the month of September!

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